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Rehabilitation Care

Most individuals require additional help as they recover from surgery or trauma before returning home. Chester River Manor offers services and therapies to help individuals regain the skills needed to maintain well-being and function at their best.

Rehabilitation therapies include:

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy meets the needs of clients who have a loss of function or independence due to an injury or illness. Clients are helped to regain functional abilities such as walking, improving strength, balance and endurance, and recovering from painful injuries. Comprehensive physical therapy offers:

Gait Training with Assistive Devices
Muscle Re-Education
Muscle Strengthening and Coordination
Prosthetic Evaluation and Training
Transfer Training
Pain Management

Treatment Services
Treatment services are patient focused and team oriented. Clients and their families are included in the planning and rehabilitation process. Specialized treatment may include:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Neurologic Rehabilitation
Amputee Rehabilitation
Comprehensive Rehabilitation
Wound Care
Pain Management
Cognitive Remediation
BID Therapy Treatments
IV Therapy
Rehabilitation/Restorative Nursing
Home Safety Assessment
Family Training

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy helps patients return to their optimal level of well-being in activities of daily living. Functional skills such as self-feeding, bathing, dressing, toileting and homemaking are taught. Outcome-oriented occupational therapy may include the following:

Activities of Daily Living
Splint Fabrication and Modification
Upper Extremity Strengthening and Coordination
Assistive Device
Instruction in Self-Help Tasks
Cognitive/Perceptual Assessment and Training including Recommendations for Environmental
Energy Conservation Techniques
Safety Training

Speech Therapy
The Speech Pathologist treats clients with speech, language, swallowing and hearing impairments. The patient`s ability to communicate and swallow are two functional skills improved through speech therapy. Treatment includes:

Speech-Language Evaluation/Therapy
Swallowing (Dysphagia) Evaluation and Treatment including Food Texture Evaluation and
Alternative Means of Communications Assessment and Training
Vocal Evaluation and Treatment
Cognitive Assessment and Training

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